Promoted Joetsu citizens each of these businesses play a central role, and outgoing accept customers from the world and the Joetsu in the world.

In addition, business and run the mechanism building and support to increase as needed.

Language exchange student

(Exchange Language)

It is a new mechanism to each other tell the country of the language of each other and I have stayed to customers from abroad.

You are goals that can be taken to communicate even as anywhere in the country of people who Joetsu resident



We want our customers will look at the place like the Joetsu from overseas, you want to place a place like this in the world. In addition, we offer a tour from an equal each other foreigners who are interested in that kind of Japan eyes. Staff that can guide you in a foreign language also are looking for.

Home Visit


Homestay It's a little hard! For those who think, home vsit is recommended. I will take the communication with lunch or dinner.


Language Association

(Small talk@cafe)

It is structured with the goal that you can while enjoying the things that can communication in the country of the language of each other.

We have a goal that communication can take even the people of any country.

First of all, English, Korean. Chinese, Spanish, why not try the selected conversation from the Japanese?

Experience Tour


Experience Tour is a tour of local cuisine, kimono, armor, local specialties etc. 1 hour to about 3 hours of experience can be. Staff also I Wanted by public offering.

Interpretation, translation

we will translate English, Korean, Chinese.
Display, menu, such as the information we will correspond.



China 中国(简体) 

China 中國(繁体) 




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Joetsu-shi, Niigata-ken  




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Fax: 025-333-0567