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◆ Japan now ...

Population is concentrated in urban areas, rural depopulation has progressed rapidly. Also a peaceful and prosperous, it can not be realized, I am fallen into situations where previously invisible.


◆ Joetsu now ...

Local now, you have a problem, such as reduction, aging and depopulation of the car society and population, but a similar phenomenon has also occurred in here Joetsu. These problems is that it has been predicted 10-20 years is that must be taken specific measures if originally.

So as not to step on the same rut, and rely on the spot in Joetsu, be to re-discover the charm, that we have confidence in each other. And it is possible to be their own awakening action, will Haishutsu many a new hero and heroine. In other words, I want to change the Joetsu.

to town a person full of bustle vibrant, let's challenge by taking the city. We, from this point of view, truly love the Joetsu, gathered significance of people they are about to go to well for the future Joetsu, and activities will be given the city, a variety of projects for the next generation By carrying out the, it was decided to establish an organization to perform the activities in their own hands. In this organization, citing the city Joetsu of people, what is activated, What is the universe nature of management, such as What is Japan and Joetsu of traditional culture, and consider the basic proposition, research and, 5 years, while exploring the '10 destination of vision, through the activities, all sorts of whether social activities it should be how, overall death Jitoku widely, strong faith and sense of responsibility, strong ability to execute, the international perspective You would like to grow to be experience.

 Such organization, enough to meet the expectations of people who visit the Joetsu, in order to continue to work actively and constantly also, I think essential to operate promoted as an NPO. Thus here, it is up to you to suggestion the establishment of the NPO "Kenshin of township" for regional activation of Joetsu.


◆ main activity (by citing the city, adopted the public system)

And language school opened in

Accommodation program (homestay, Guest houses)

And tourism tour program (14 start from this)


January 27, 2015

The NPO Kenshin of Township

President: Nishida Atsumi Vice President: Kikuo Noguchi Vice President: Sekihara Chibun

Director: Kenji Kasahara Director: Tanahashi Yasushi General Director: Kazuko Ikeda

Special Adviser: Kotobuki Hiratsuka

Basic philosophy

We, through the creation of new value in the 21st century, to meet the expectations of society,

Each and every shining, I will seek the realization of an affluent society.

And Inspiration change the person. · Dream to enrich people. · Laughter moisten the people.



① so that will continue to boldly challenge to the needs of customers who constantly changing, and create new value, creating a rich region.

② Pull out the "possibility" of each individual, we aim to provide a new "playing field".

③ people and human connection through the trust, in order to realize the dream, it will continue to grow together.

④ is expected to will and potential of each individual, and then produce the Motel energy as can maximize.


Respect for the Individual

We respect the presence of individuals, expect to will and potential of each and every

Mutual respect for each other, is that it can have energy

Together support so as to be maximize.


Contribution to society

We will then send to the world through all activities from Joetsu, to increase the joy and smile, and contribute to society.




60 Hiyoricho, Sanwa-ku

Joetsu-shi, Niigata-ken  




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Fax: 025-333-0567